Uniqlo x Monster Hunter Rise Collection Turns Creatures Into Cute Shirt Designs


The monster hunt gets brighter on the shirts of Uniqloupcoming collaboration with Monster Hunter Rise, which will feature various elements and iconography from the game. This time the adorable Palico and the ‘finest dog’ Palamute are the stars of the collection, both receiving a dedicated thematic design of their own.

There are a total of 10 variations to be won, six of which are available in men’s sizes and the remaining four in children’s sizes. Where some of the t-shirts have a more subtle touch, a minority handle is obvious enough to highlight the Monster hunter branding, such as the black shirt that depicts the flagship monster Magnamalo in the game’s traditional art style.


The Uniqlo x Monster Hunter Rise collection is about to land on Japan in June 2021, but there has been no word on pricing details and international release so far. Given the way official Japanese and English Twitter accounts have announced the merger, however, it’s safe to assume that the t-shirts will be heading to other regions as well. A more in-depth look at the designs can be seen below:

2021 is a good year for Monster hunter Fans. In addition to the launch of Monster Hunter Rise to March 26 for the Nintendo Switch (with the second demo available now), there is also Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin to taste in July. Table lovers, for their part, can pass on to Monster Hunter World: The Board Game fall in the near future.

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