Macross director / designer Shoji Kawamori designs Reaper skin for Call of Duty: Mobile – Interest


Anime director and mechanical designer Shoji Kawamori designed a Reaper character skin for season 7 of the Call of Duty: Mobile Game. The anime-inspired “Ashura” skin was made available in-game last Thursday.

“When I thought of the mecha design robot weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, who has a military-style worldview, I incorporated an “anime feel” to achieve a more human balance, while maintaining a mecha atmosphere here and there, ”Kawamori said in a video message. “I hope you enjoy playing with the special skin I designed.”

Kawamori is perhaps most famous for being a key creative planner in The Macross Super Dimensional Fortress animated series. He designed most of the franchisethe iconic “variable fighter” of transformation mecha, and oversaw most of the major disbursements of the franchise, including the most recent, Macross Delta.

Kawamori also created the Aquarius, AKB0048, and Arjuna series, and most recently was chief director of Jūshinki Pandora To satelight, the animation studio for which he is a member of the board of directors. He contributed mechanical design work for Patlabor: the movie, Patlabor 2: the movie, Eureka Seven, Outlaw star, Ghost in the shell, and more. He is credited as the original creator of Escaflowne’s vision, Basquash!, and Nobunaga the fool. He has worked in anime production as a director, screenwriter, mechanical designer and storyboarder.

Outside of the anime, he designed one of the SonyAibo robot dog variants and helped design Takara’s Diaclone Car Robot toys, which eventually became Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ironhide, and other toys in Hasbro‘s Transformers line. His contributions to the game include the original mechanical designs for the Shielded core franchise and the Devil Breaker weapons in The devil can cry 5. LITTLE WORLDS, the company behind the world’s largest indoor theme park of scale miniatures, has appointed Kawamori as Creative Director.

Sources: Call of Duty Blog, Email correspondence


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