Destiny 2 Player Designs Incredible Hunter Cloak, Warlock Bind, and Titan Mark


Lots of fan art has been created for Bungie’s Destiny 2, and one player’s unique designs for all three class items are going viral on Twitter.

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Destiny 2 Often creates a lot of interactions and debates within its community, with players coming together to share stories about their favorite moments or discuss things Bungie should change in the future. This level of interaction also spans all kinds of memes and fan art designed to Destiny 2, which adds to the fun and appeal of it, starting with jokes about Telesto getting sentient or players creating a 3D Whisper of the Worm. This is possible because the game is insanely large, and there is a lot of stuff that interests people when it comes to it.

It’s not uncommon for fans to recreate something from Destiny 2, like engrams created in Blender by a player, or maybe pixel art of fan favorite characters or weapons. Another example comes from the Iron Banner armor, as some players would like to see more of it in the same style as the sets that came with the first installment of the series, rather than Bungie’s current designs. This is especially true now that the game has a transmog system in the form of Synthetic Armor that Ada-1 takes care of, and players are more encouraged to create beautiful Guardians.


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As such, one player shared on Twitter his design for a hunter’s cape that went viral. The user is called ShackleOhNo, and their Hunter Cloak has a very unique flavor that is hard to find. Destiny 2, but it looks like a mix of Trials of Osiris armor sets and the brighter Solstice armor that Bungie introduces each year. Glow is what sets this hunter cape apart from most other similar pieces, and the name ShackleOhNo has given it is Cloak of Crimson Silk, which aptly refers to red fabric and glow.

Because ShackleOhNo’s tweet garnered so many likes and players interested in the design, they decided to also create a Warlock Bond and a Titan Mark following the same concept as the Hunter Cloak. The same type of corrupted Hunter Cloak appearance is much more noticeable on the other two class items, as the Warlock Bond comes with a gif showing how it would be animated in-game. The Titan mark evokes demonic hands placed together and holding some sort of glowing substance, which also makes for a pretty interesting design.

Recently, another player shared their reimagined design of Ada-1 as a human, and it also got the community excited to see some other amazing fan art. Still, ShackleOhNo’s designs are perfect for the spooky season and Destiny 2Festival of the Lost themes, and they ask for complimentary armor sets to go with it.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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