Danish design studio digitizes 100 years of tradition and craftsmanship


Timothy Jacob Jensen has been described as an icon of contemporary design. He creates products that not only are an integral part of our daily life, but also win one international design award after another, and now he aims to revolutionize the design industry.

In early March 2021, Timothy and his design studio launched a new digital platform – Designers Trust.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to rethink. For Timothy, it was the opportunity to realize a project based on a century-old design tradition:

“It’s an idea that has been stuck in my head for many years. How to facilitate access to projects for talented and creative designers around the world? I think it can be said that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst, as businesses around the world have finally realized that services, including brilliant design, can be purchased and managed digitally, ” said Timothy.

Timothy’s long design career, including an active role in several international educational institutions, has allowed him to experience first-hand the challenges faced by designers who are enthusiastic about making their creative ideas come true. Lack of networks, the dominance of major design brands, and obstacles in international copyright law often prevent talented designers from realizing their true potential.

At the same time, he also noticed that many brands and companies find the process of creating new products unnecessarily cumbersome and overly complicated. Often their results are limited to “doing what we usually do” and they miss the opportunity for new inspiration and stunning design.

Timothy and his team aim to connect two sides of the coin, designers and brands / manufacturers, both in their own ways, facing the same challenge. Its ambition is to empower both parties to do what they do best, and then help them with practicalities such as marketing, sales, legal issues and product development. Many designers cannot refer to their own work. It is often the manufacturer or the large design studio that reaps all the benefits of their creativity. Guaranteeing designers fair compensation and credit for their work has been a major challenge. Timothy calls this a “principle of equitable sharing”.

The solution is a digital platform, where designers can showcase their work and businesses can buy concepts or hire designers. Designers Trust will organize and ensure the quality of the projects:

“Personally, I have had an incredible journey, developing the craft and profession that I inherited from my father, Jacob Jensen and his father, Alfred Jensen. Some people fear that digitalization means goodbye to the old virtues. But I am an enthusiastic supporter of the opposite point of view. The world is large and beautiful. I believe that the key elements in creating great products and designs give designers the opportunity to share their talent with the world and provide businesses with access to sources of inspiration and talent outside of their normal sphere. “, said Timothy.

Designers Trust has already generated considerable interest among design circles, companies and universities that train designers around the world. Every day the creative pool of designers and design concepts grows, including Alasdair McPhail (formerly Nokia). Meanwhile, Danish and foreign designers have submitted entries for our first design competitions. Last week the platform launched in India and this week in China.

“We have a lot of ideas on the drawing board, so Designers Trust will be an agile concept, changing and evolving in response to the knowledge and experience we glean from our users. In many ways, we are a start-up, which with 100 years of experience under our belt, we are now entering the digital age, ”concludes Timothy Jacob Jensen.

To launch the platform, the team secured external funding from two other investors: IT entrepreneur, Vagn Nielsen, who is involved with companies such as Boyum IT and moonsky.com, and seasoned branding expert and marketing, Claus Toftkjær, who worked for Carlsberg. and most recently was the Director of Global Marketing for the Norwegian beverage wholesaler, Arcus. Both sit on the board of directors and play an active role in the operations of the company.

Visit Designers Trust: www.designerstrust.com

Learn more about Timothy Jacob Jensen

Timothy Jacob Jensen heads the world’s most award-winning design family. He has had a significant impact on the history of design with his work for Bang & Olufsen, Ecco, Gaggenau, Lufthansa, Jacob Jensen, Vertu and Volvo. In 2017 he was named Designer of the Year in China and in 2019 he was selected as a jury member for the iF Design Award 2019, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

In addition to his pioneering designs, he is also a professor at Shanghai Fudan University and lectures around the world.

For over two decades, Timothy Jacob Jensen was CEO and Chief Designer of Jacob Jensen Design. In 2018 he chose to sell all of his shares in Jacob Jensen Design and today runs the family business under the Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios and Designers Trust from the head office on the banks of the Limfjord in Hejlskov, Denmark. .

Timothy Jacob Jensen Studios’ advisory board members include former United Nations General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft and Pandora founder Per Enevoldsen.



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