Loan between individuals at no cost

Discover the solutions for obtaining a loan between individuals without any cost, an alternative financing solution avoiding the banks and brokers that are found in the classic bank loan mechanism.


Get a loan between individuals


The current banking system has several limits, limits which will often have repercussions on French people who need to finance a personal project or to face an unforeseen expense. The banks’ refusal sounds like a blow, but it is important to know that alternative solutions exist and can allow funds to be obtained quickly. The debt ratio, the bank details, or the lack of confidence in the banks can justify the use of loans between individuals.

There are two possibilities to obtain a loan between individuals or use a loan platform between individuals, these are platforms that allow connecting individual investors with money to lend and individuals wishing to obtain a sum to finance a personal project. The other solution is to apply to a friend, relative or a third party for a loan of money, with the establishment of a contract between the two people.


A loan between individuals without any fees in advance

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Lending platforms between individuals generally require a contribution from the borrower in the costs of using the platform. These are costs linked to the provision of a service for filing an application, the constitution of the file and therefore file costs, costs also providing a commercial service to inform and guide users of the platform. The interest is simply to be able to finance the service provided by the platform and above all to secure the borrower’s request, which justifies providing fees at the signing of the credit contract.

The only solution to pay no fees in advance remains to turn to money loans between individuals without matching service, it is therefore necessary to be able to find a person of trust and especially to establish a loan contract mentioning the conditions for reimbursement, this contract should ideally be drawn up by a professional (notary, lawyer), which can represent a higher cost than for a loan platform among individuals.


A loan between individuals: without proof?

A loan between individuals: without proof?

Any loan request, whether from a credit institution or an individual must require providing basic information such as the identity of the applicant, the lender, but also information on the domicile and the income of the applicant. These supporting documents are not necessary during the study but they must imperatively be provided to validate the loan file between an individual and obtain the funds. Lending platforms between individuals do not hesitate to request a more complete list of documents to provide both the borrower and the lender with security on the identification of the two parties and on the repayment of sums. Mandatory information, regardless of the identity of the borrower.

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