Insulate your home, opt for an installment loan

Do you aspire to a house where life is good thanks to good insulation but you do not have the necessary budget? The installment loan from Agree Bank is the solution to immediately benefit from an ideal temperature at home.

Insulating your home is always interesting because of the many benefits that accrue to you and the environment. In addition to improving your comfort and reducing your energy bill, you increase the (rental) the added value of your home. You and the next generation will benefit from your ecological investments for a long time to come.


Control your budget

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Such investment pays off in the long term because it allows you to achieve great energy savings and save the planet. But the insulation work is not free. Do you want to make your projects a reality without delay and take immediate advantage of them? A renovation loan, in the form of an installment loan, is the solution. Did you also know that renovations are eligible for various bonuses? Get the details.

A loan will allow you to have a sufficient budget without having to break your piggy bank. In addition, you can spread the costs by reimbursing each month an identical amount at a fixed interest rate. You choose the duration and the monthly payments yourself. Finally, the interest rate is very attractive and lower than for other loans.


The conditions to be respected

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If you are a homeowner, you can get an installment loan and benefit from a reduced rate. You will have to prove that you are starting insulation work using quotes, invoices, and official documents. And if your house is more than 10 years old, you will only pay 6% instead of 21% VAT.

Your loan depends on the budget to borrow and the amount you will be able to repay each month . Make a correct estimate and ask a specialist for advice, because borrowing money also costs money.


Find the best installment loan at Agree Bank

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Credit agencies determine the interest rate on their home improvement loan themselves. As an independent credit counselor , Agree Bank is therefore your preferred partner. We compare the offers of the different organizations and present you the most advantageous proposal according to your situation. We take into account the amount to borrow, the monthly payments and the interest rate.

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